Phil Strong is an awarded composer and sound designer based in Toronto, Canada. He works in film, dance, theatre, musical performance, art installation and educational outreach. Since studying at the Banff Centre For The Arts, Phil has received numerous commissions and was the principal composer for Christopher House and Toronto Dance Theatre for over a decade, creating soundtracks for nine major dance productions - and earning the first ever Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Music in Dance (Timecode Break). Most recently he has been nominated again in outstanding music and design for EUNOIA; Denise Fujiwara’s masterpiece based on Christian Bök’s seminal book of poetry. Phil continues to develop tools and methods for conforming sound and music to movement.

As an installation designer, Strong was tasked by John Oswald to design a 14 channel surround sound system (as well as some multi-channel composition) for the multiscreen video installation, Stress, by Bruce Mau. This piece debuted at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in 2000 and continued on an international circuit. More recently, Phil again collaborated with Oswald to create A Time To Hear For Here - a permanent 35-channel audio installation in the Crystal wing of the Royal Ontario Museum. In the last year immersive surround compositions have been engineered for Sara Angelucci’s transcendent Anonymous Chorus and Su Rynard’s jaw-dropping As Soon As Weather Permits.

Working, writing and performing together since the early 90s, Phil and his partner Laurel MacDonald also teamed up to score a few films including Moze Mossanen’s film, Year Of The Lion, which earned a Gemini Award for Best Original Musical Score. The following year, Phil generated a combined sound design and musical score for Ali Kazimi’s film, Continuous Journey, which was awarded the Golden Sheaf award at the Yorkton Film Festival for Best Original Music and generated two more Gemini nominations; one for Best Music and another for Best Sound. In 2010 Phil picked up another Gemini for his scritchy-scratchy original score to Cat Ladies.

Phil has produced albums for several recording artists and contributes to collections of sound & music as well as releasing soundtracks from his film scores and dance productions. Lusciana’s Lullaby, produced for Laurel MacDonald, became Echoes Radio’s Best album of 2005. Storas, which Phil produced and arranged for Mary Jane Lamond, earned an East Coast Music Award for Best Solo Album (2006). Phil headed up a Film Sound & Music course for 10 years and is now involved in outreach recording and production at University of Toronto School. He is also known to perform on the T.O.O.B. - an electro-acoustic instrument of his own design.

Laurel and Phil’s performance duo Videovoce @ at MUTEK 2010